My name is Jesse “The Tattoo Guy” Brigden. I have been tattooing since 1992. Due to some health Issues ATM I am currently taking a break from tattooing. I will update soon as I have some news…

(07/02/2017) Here is a link to my JESSETATTOO shirts for sale

Jessetattoo Merch Store



(5/1/2017) Lately I have been working on my Youtube channel more and more to keep busy. I seem to love editing. hope you enjoy.





I love everything about tattooing. Even as a kid I was mesmerized at the tattoos my father and his friends had, and in time the smell of the shop and all the cool artwork in flesh, I had to know how it was done. In my days, I have made a few tattoo machines by hand (except for the coils and hardware) and will slowly keep at building, if not for any reason other than to have a better understanding and appreciation for my tools.

My teacher told me that if I wanted to be good and if this is what I really want for my life, then I need to “LIVE TATTOOING”. Surround yourself with tattoos, live, eat, breathe, sleep, draw and fuck tattooing. Make it who you are. It’s my first and true love. I have had the pleasure of working in some reputable shops with some very talented artists over my years.

Tattooing and art is my life! I love what I do and my work and clients speak for themselves.



In my spare time I enjoy building costumes & props Fanboy Creations Is my facebook page for that.

My Love for STAR WARS and costuming has also found me a home with the 501st legion, a Star Wars costuming group with 1000’s of members world wide raising money for local charities and others in need. Doing good things with other like-minded enthusiasts in our community has never been more fun.  501stmasterroundbw_md



Some Photos on this page by Luke Connor, taken at the Art Cafe: Tattoo Edition